Required/Optional: Optional

Dynamic: Both, RAVE & CMS

Limits/Restrictions: 2 Versions: Alert_Rave and Alert_CMS. Both versions can display at once, in that scenario Alert_Rave is displayed above Alert_CMS. Alert_Rave: Icon Optional. Can go on every webpage or on the LR homepage and the landing pages for Asheville, Columbia and LTSS. Secondary Button optional. No formatting available. Alert_CMS: Secondary Button optional. Include ability to customize these for each campus landing page, LR main homepage, Asheville, Columbia, LTSS and online.

Additional Data: Alert_Rave: Displays icon and the full message directly imported from RAVE above the page content. Alert_CMS: Accordion variation displayed sbove the page content. Accordion is collapsed by default and contents are WYSIWYG.