Required/Optional: Required

Dynamic: Both, Manual & Taxonomy

Limits/Restrictions: Maxiumum of 3 tabs, Minimum 2. All grid blocks are required. Large Image or Video Block can be either a single video or up to 5 images that randomize on page load. Maximum of 5 characters for stat block which will include a combination of numbers and special characters such as $,+, : , etc. An optional ability to include a special character before and/or after the stat in a smaller 50px size aligned to the top of the stat number (example $39+).

Additional Data: Audience Tabs change the grid block content below it. Undergraduate is active by default. Audience tabs also will update the LocationFeature and the News & Events components to display content specific to that Audience. The LocationFeature background image, copy and SVG icon will change per Audience. The News & Events will pull in News & Events, Just News or Just Events tagged with the cooresponding Audience selected in the tabs. Grid block content comprises of 1 Small Intro block, 2 Small Stat Blocks, 1 Large Image or Video Block, 1 Large LRExperience Block, 1 Small Image Block, and 2 Medium CTA Image Blocks. Large LRExperience Block will dynamically display an LRExperience story tagged with that Audience type, randomizing on page load. Bear statue image in the background is editable, but consistent on all stories across all tabs.

Image/Video Dimensions: Small Intro Block: 1:1 Ratio, 700px X 700px / Large Image or Video Block: 1:1 Ratio, 700px X 700px / Medium CTA Image Block: 2:3:1 Ratio, 700px X 304px / Large LR Experience Block: 1:1 Ratio, 700px X 700px / Small Image Block: 1:1 Ratio, 700px X 700px

Image Direction: Images within the component should demonstrate a variety of aspects of Student Life related to selected Audience type.

Character Limits: Small Intro Block: 100, Stat Description: 45, Medium Photo Block CTA: 30, LR Experience Quote: 200, Not Including Byline