Required/Optional: Required

Limits/Restrictions: Can display a B-Roll video or display a single image that can change on refresh from a bank of up to 5. Headline and copy is structured content and is required.

Additional Data: Copy does not change based on image. If B-Roll video a pause button is displayed in the bottom left corner of the masthead. Headline Consists of Two Fields: a smaller subheadline and a larger headline.

Image/Video Dimensions: 14:9 Ratio, 1440px X 926px

Image Direction: Images and video within this version of the masthead should help visually set up the page by corresponding with the masthead headline and aligning with the overall page purpose. Images should be shot medium to wide, avoiding close ups. Be sure to keep the primary subject horizontally centered and vertically just above centered.

Character Limits: Small Subheadline: 45, Large Headline: 15, Body Copy: 160