Required/Optional: Required

Limits/Restrictions: Background image, icon, headline, body and CTA are all required. Displays only 1 highlighted campus at a time that will change based on Audience tab selected above it. 3 location options available are Hickory, Asheville and Columbia. Each location has a cooresponding SVG icon (see Pattern Library) that displays when that location is chose by the content author.

Additional Data: Background image uploaded into the CMS should be full color. Black overlay should be applied via CSS. Also, 2% Gaussian Blur should be applied via CSS to image.

Image/Video Dimensions: 2.26:1 Ratio, 1440px X 637px

Image Direction: Images within this component should be a wide shot taken from a high vantage point to capture the full essence of the campus featured.

Character Limits: Headline: 35, Body: 275