Within this library you will find guidelines for usage, documentation, and raw code for all of Lenoir-Rhyne’s Patterns, Components and Templates. All of this is provided to assist you and your campus partners in creating, designing, and developing robust and accessible digital experiences across all Lenoir-Rhyne web properties.

This is where you’ll find flexible resources and tools for any person or team to learn and use as they contribute to Lenoir-Rhyne’s diverse and substantial digital infrastructure. The menu to the left will be your guide as you navigate to find the resources you need to continue building and maintaining your new website(s).

Throughout this library a few terms will be referenced that you should be familiar with:
Elements: Elements are the foundational building blocks of a system. They are things like brand colors, iconography, typography, and more. They are necessary to ensure whatever you create looks cohesive and is on brand.
Patterns: Patterns are repeatable configurations of the aforementioned elements that perform specific functions through user interactions. They are things like buttons, inputs, drop-downs, and more. They are integral to ensuring your users are able to accomplish their goals.
Components: Components convey meaning by combining patterns to support specific content types. They are things like page headings, carousels, menus, cards, accordions, and more. They combine patterns to make them user-friendly and to clearly convey purpose.
Templates: Templates create context by strategically combining and arranging components to support the overall page purpose. They are things like Program Details, Faculty Profiles, News Articles, and more.

Last Compiled: 3/25/2022, 11:55:45 AM