Required/Optional: Optional

Dynamic: Yes, Via Taxonomy

Limits/Restrictions: One Image or One Video. Video should be Youtube and plays in lightbox. Image, quote and name are structured content and are required. Button is optional.

Additional Data: Format for Byline: Firstname Lastname ’00, Major. Two Versions: (S) Small version meant for a max 8 column display and (L) Large version meant for full width display.

Image/Video Dimensions: 1:1 Ratio, 500px X 500px

Image Direction: Images within this component should demonstrate the student engaging in an academic or service environment related to the experience that they are sharing. These shots should be candid in nature and subjects should not be looking directly at the camera. Utilize a shallow depth of field to help focus on the subject and show depth.

Character Limits: Quote: 200, Not Including Byline