Required/Optional: Optional

Limits/Restrictions: OFixed set of 7 blocks. Only the first, larger image has the option to include a video that opens in a lightbox.

Stat blocks are optional and will always display in the alloted block, maximum of 2 for the component. If no stats are used, displays only image.

Maximum of 5 characters for stat block which will include a combination of numbers and special characters such as $,+, : , etc. An optional ability to include a special character before and/or after the stat in a smaller 50px size aligned to the top of the stat number (example $39+).

Additional Data: Images are pulled randomly from a bank of images in the CMS. Only the video and stat blocks have the ability for the author to specificy an image for those blocks.

Image/Video Dimensions: 1:1 Ratio, 700px X 700px

Image Direction: Images within the component should demonstrate a variety of aspects of Student Life.

Character Limits: Headline: 25, Copy: 160